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Pure Blue Japan Deep Indigo Selvedge Jacket & Indigo Dyed Henley Tee

Posted: Sep 10 2014

With no shortage of releases for the upcoming F/W '14-'15 season, PBJ has a whole range of surprises. Following suit with their ongoing Deep Indigo program, the Deep Indigo Selvedge Jacket. The jacket comes in at a comfortable 13oz. weight, heavy enough to wear as a jacket, but not overbearing in weight or coarseness of the fabric.

Pure Blue Japan have been delving deeper and deeper into the foray of Deep Indigo. We have seen the combination of using both indigo weft and warps to create this intensely deep blue hue of indigo, almost on the verge of a shade of purple. There is the uniqueness and novelty of wearing a denim garment that is this deep in indigo color, but the real satisfaction comes with breaking in deep indigo garments. What the Japanese call "Atari", or the pattern of fading, is always quite intense and visual on Deep Indigo garments.

New this year is the addition of a size 5 by Pure Blue Japan. While this jacket fits larger than your average Japanese brand, a size 4 is still about a 42 when comparing to other Japanese brands, and a size 5 is similar to a 44 is other brands.

13oz. Deep Indigo Selvedge Denim

Oiled Deerskin Leather Patch

The details...

...are amazing

 Red Line Selvedge ID

Additionally, we just received the Pure Blue Japan Indigo Dyed Henley Tee, and is now available online. PBJ has been leaning toward sizing on all their tops over the past year now to suit the more "spacious" build of the international clientele, and just like the rest of the collection, a size 5 has been added to this product. 

Ribbed Cotton Shoulder Panels are a beautiful and functional detail

PBJ Leaf Logo detail

The fading on a piece like this is bound to be incredible

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