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Pure Blue Japan Denim Shirt 3rd Type


Classic look, Modern fit

  • 8.5 oz. Japanese Selvedge Sanforized denim
  • Slim Fit
  • Large metal buttons with 'Made in Japan' etching
  • Pink Selvedge ID edge
  • Chainstiched hem and inner seam
  • Leaf logo on side seam

The PBJ Denim Shirt 3rd Type is aesthetically classic with the vertical "V" style stitching seen most commonly on denim jackets. The sanforized (pre-shrunk) fabric is simply beautiful and exemplifies the focus on quality that PBJ abide by. 

The 8.5 oz. Selvedge denim is the perfect weight for a proper denim shirt, and the construction is meticulous with details of chainstitching all along the inner seams of this button-up shirt. The selvedge edge has been aptly used running up the shirt from top to bottom on the inner seam, hinting the top quality of the garment in a subtle way.

The shirt itself is a slim fit with rounded bottom edges and chainstiching along the hem. Small details like the selvedge ID edge visible along both sides of the shirt, as well as the iconic indigo leaf logo really make this a one of a kind shirt! Also the use of a plastic button as the top button for the shirt was deeply considered as the neck line of the user will not have to bear the discomfort of a metal button. The large metal buttons featured throughout the shirt are the same that one would expect from a denim jacket. 

A denim shirt with all the top quality features expected from a full denim jacket comes as a pleasant surprise as PBJ experiment with these button-ups!

*A Size 2 is featured in the pictures. Model weighs 66kg (145 pounds) and is 178 cm (5'10") tall.

Made in Okayama, Japan