Anachronorm Indigo Dyed Vulcanized Sneakers (White)


  • Anachronorm Original 8oz. 'Hanpu' (Japanese sail cloth) fabric 
  • Rubber Vulcanized soles
  • Red detail stitching on heel

It was love at first for us with this pair. With the perfect hue of indigo gracing the Hanpu fabric which is applied to the upper of this sneaker, to the aesthetic balance between the indigo and black/brown soles, these have become that daily wear pair. Kojima is renowned for producing sail cloth for sail boats so Anachronorm took this popular Kojima based fabric and dyed it Indigo for this version of the shoe. 

Vulcanization is a chemical process by which sulphur is added to rubber to create a more durable material. It was first developed and tested by Vitale Bramani, who used the technology in the production of soles for his company, Vibram. Today, the production of vulcanized soles is the United States is nonexistent, and even in Japan, there are only two factories that are still able to output vulcanized shoes. Both of these factories are located in Kurume, Kyushu.

*These sneakers fit larger than Converse Chuck Taylor All-Stars Sneakers. We suggest going down 1/2 to 1 full size for the right fit.

Fabric Made in Okayama, Japan
Sole and construction in Kurume, Japan


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