Samurai Jeans

Samurai Jeans STA19-02 "Warazori" Setta Sandals


  • Igusa Tatami insole
  • Debossed Natural cowhide leather outsole
  • Samurai Jeans Original Indigo border 'Makibishi' Wabash fabric Hanao straps
  • Japanese Lime Tree Wood middle plate
  • Triangle metal tector hardware secured heel
  • Branded Samurai Jeans logo

Setta (雪駄) or “snow sandals” are a type of traditional Japanese footwear which were traditionally made with Japanese tatami that was insulated and waterproofed by gluing leather to the sole and lastly securing metal hardware to the heel for durability.

Historically Setta became popular in Japan during the 18th century as the clicking sound produced by each step was considered a stylish feature at the time. However with the introduction of European-style shoes during the 20th century the demand for Setta gradually decreased, as did the number of skilled craftsmen. 

Although there are various theories about the origin of Setta, in more recent times it has been said that wearing Setta can stimulate the feet which contributes to better overall health. Since the weight of the wearer is evenly distributed over the sole, the Setta form well around the arches of the feet, providing stability without feeling constrictive. Furthermore it has been said that wearing Setta stimulates the 'Tsubo' pressure points at the feet, increasing blood circulation which is believed to provide relief for stiff shoulders and promote digestion.

*Choosing a size smaller to your everyday footwear size is recommended

Made in Okayama, Japan


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