retaW Fragrance Liquid for Denim MOOD*

It is pretty much given that most of us probably don't wash our jeans very often. Once in six months, if that? Well over time, as I am sure many have experienced, denim tends to pick up a foul odor due to the build up of bacteria on your jeans. I guess that is inevitable, but regulating the smell is probably a good idea. And no one does it better than retaW in terms of high quality fragrances crafted from the finest ingredients. This MOOD* scent is a clean and refreshing fragrance, with hints of mint and citrus that will help deodorize and neutralize any unwanted odors. Keeping with the theme, the color scheme on the bottle also represents denim with the choice of indigo and silver.

*4.2fl.oz / 120ml


Made in Japan


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