Momotaro B-30 GTB High Count West Point Mini Shoulder Bag


  • Momotaro Original West Point Chino fabric
  • 61% cotton, 39% Nylon
  • Large Two-way Metal Zipper opening
  • Momotaro signature Reflective White Lines
  • Adjustable shoulder strap featuring quick release buckle
  • 500ml PET bottle holder

For the true denim heads, Momotaro delivers their finest. A great all season and unisex piece, this is the one you could probably share with your girlfriend. If you can part with it.

Constructed on an old power loom, the fabric used in the production of these pants are woven at a fast speed on the loom, yielding the resulting high density fabric. Because of the nature of this high density fabric, the high quality fabric has a slight glossy element to it.

The name itself pays homage to the U.S. Military base of West Point in New York State, and is in reference to the high quality fabric that was once used in the construction of the uniforms used by the students of this Military school. 

Size Height Length Width
CM 17 22 11
Inches 6.7 8.6 4.3
Made in Okayama, Japan