The Factory Made

The Factory Made Nep Denim Vet Cap

FM525-22A00 KON

  • 5 panel Japanese Nep Denim construction
  • 100% Cotton
  • One Wash
  • Souvenir jacket style tiger embroidery featured on left panel
  • 福 'Fuku' felt logo
  • The Factory Made tab featured on rear panel
  • Adjustable strap featuring QR buckle

A marriage of American souvenir jacket culture and Okayama's fabled Denim fabrics. The tiger embroidery and 福 'Fuku'(Japanese for 'fortune') felt logo are among some of the most recognizable and iconic works of art featured on American Souvenir Jackets in post-war Japan. 

Inner Brim Measurement: 58cm (22.8") & 60cm (23.6")

*Size 58cm is a restock, Size 60cm is a new addition for 2023.

Made in Osaka, Japan