Zanter Japan

Zanter Recycled PET Bottle Down Scarf (Purple x Pink)

  • 100% High-density "ECOPET" Polyester laminate fabric
  • 80% down, 20% feather
  • YKK Japan© metal snap button
  • Also available in Green x Orange

Zanter is heralded as the first brand to produce downwear in Japan. The first pieces were worn in 1956 by members of the Manaslu Expedition Corps as well as the Antarctic Observation Corps. Zanter has continued to produce the highest quality Japanese downwear by selecting only the finest materials and using well-honed production methods. 

Locally sourced high-quality down feathers are extremely difficult to come by, at the most only 10g can be found on the chest area of a suitable Waterfowl. The quality of feathers is also greatly affected by breeding method, environment and feed during infancy.

These carefully selected feathers then go through a thorough process of washing, drying, dehydration, sterilization and dust removal which results in Down that not only has excellent heat retention properties but is also durable and sanitary.

When it comes to the down itself, Zanter have used recycled feathers that are innately durable, long-lasting and re-usable. Zanter have embraced the Japanese ethos of "もったいない" (Mottainai - Too good to waste) in order to recycle materials containing their down to see use in new garments. While the composition in this vest contains 10% more feather compared to their standard offerings, this is not at the detriment of heat retention and overall weight. Zanter have also gone the extra mile on the sustainability path in the fabric production - by recycling PET bottles and fiber scraps to create new polyester fibers.

Measurements: Length - 97cm (38.1") Width - 18cm (7")

Made in Japan