Chup Socks

Chup Socks Missouri (Pigeon Blue)

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  • 44% Cotton / 44% Acrylic / 11% Nylon / 1% Polyurethane
  • 3/4 Length Socks
  • Heavyweight Socks
  • Handlinked toe box on a circular knitting machine

The Sun Dance is a ceremony practiced by Native American tribes for many generations where communities gather to pray for healing. One of the beautiful characteristics of this occasion is the special garb worn by participants which are often adorned with beads and feathers. Drawing inspiration from these traditional garments, Chup pay homage to patterns native to tribes from Missouri.

*The recommended sizing for these socks:

S is ideal for 22-25cm (US4-US7)

M is ideal for 25.5-27.5cm (US7.5-9.5)

L is ideal for  28-30cm (US10-12)

Made in Nara, Japan