Japan Blue

Japan Blue Indigo Sashiko Patchwork Teddy Bear

  • Random pattern patchwork
  • 360-degree rotating limbs
  • Japan Blue Jeans Logo and creed featured on right arm

The Indigo Sashiko Patchwork Teddy Bear by Japan Blue is a fine representation of tedious and honest denim craft. Taking cues from the original Patchwork Teddy Bear, this updated version applies strictly Indigo fabrics, with a couple salutes paid to pieces from the past like the  Using fabrics from seasons past, like the Floral Discharge shirt or the recent Indigo Sashiko Shirt we made in collaboration with Momotaro. Japan Blue have created this very limited edition Indigo Sashiko Patchwork Teddy Bear, with each piece unique in the pattern of patchwork applied.

Measurement: 28cm (11in) tall

Made in Okayama, Japan


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