Master-piece "Age" Shoulder Bag (Navy)


  • Original GRS (Global Recycled Standard) high-density nylon fabric body
  • Main compartment featuring coiled zipper opening
  • Removable waterproof pouch featured on front pocket
  • Adjustable shoulder strap featuring removable swivel hooks
  • Also available in Beige

Master-piece's "Age" series of shoulder bags seek to blend supreme functionality with a zero-waste approach to materials. The high-density nylon fabric body, is made from GRS (Global Recycled Standard) nylon yarns. Spinning plants are known to generate a lot of nylon waste during production. Since nylon is a highly resistant material and not subject to biodegradation it is one of the highest sources of pollution in the ocean. 

The GRS certification is a program held by the Textile Exchange, based in the United States. It is an international product standard that includes not only the traceability of recycled materials but also seeks to eliminate the use of processing chemicals that contain harmful chemicals, the examination of global environmental aspects such as wastewater management, and the examination of the working environment of producers.

Not only is the high-density twill nylon fabric certified as an eco-friendly material, it is also highly durable and lightweight. Simply said, hats off to master-piece for delivering on the ecological front with no compromise to the material.

*Dimensions: Width - 18.5cm (7.2"), Height - 21.5cm (8.4"), Gusset Length - 7.5cm (2.9")

**Weight: 360g (12oz.)

Made in Osaka, Japan


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