Master-piece "Platoon" Wallet Shoulder Bag

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  • Aluminum coated flame-retardant polyester fabric
  • Water-resistant reflective front taping
  • Main compartment featuring coiled zipper opening
  • Note compartment featuring velcro closure
  • Coin pocket compartment featuring metal zipper opening
  • Metal zipper featuring attached distress whistle
  • Adjustable shoulder strap featuring removable swivel hooks
  • Master-piece embossed snap button

Master-piece's latest "Platoon" Wallet Shoulder Bag is a nod to a special fabric used by Japan's Fire Service members as well as Evacuation Bags, a staple piece of equipment found in Japanese homes. The aluminum coated flame-retardant polyester fabric has a stylish sheen which is further complimented by Master-piece's original hardware and taping. Two additional features that pay homage to modern-day emergency equipment, are the waterproof reflective tape on the front along with a small distress whistle attached to the coin pocket zipper.

*Dimensions: Width - 19.5cm (7.6"), Height - 19.5cm (4.7")

**Weight: 150g (5.2oz.)

Made in Osaka, Japan