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  • Momotaro GTB Socks (Black)
  • Momotaro GTB Socks (Black)
  • Momotaro GTB Socks (Black)
  • Momotaro GTB Socks (Black)


Momotaro GTB Socks (Black)

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In proper Momotaro fashion, the Going to Battle lines that have become eponymous with the Momotaro Jeans brand creed, have been appropriated to these socks for this season.

A new release from the Momotaro camp, these socks are produced from a cotton referred to as Cotton Combed Yarn. Combing is a processing method for cotton, that sifts out shorter length fibres, in order to create a higher quality cotton fabric. The tedious production process does indeed yield a premium cotton, which are ideal for these socks.

The socks are also pillow soft, with the pile knit of the face of the fabric, giving it extra cushion with wear. The longer length of the socks are so that pairing with sneakers or boots alike, is comfortable.

Black x White Lines

Made in Okayama, Japan

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