Momotaro 15th Anniversary Left-Hand Twill Denim Shoulder Bag

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  • 15.7oz. Momotaro proprietary Left-Hand Twill Selvedge Denim
  • 100% cotton
  • Adjustable shoulder strap with QR buckle
  • Large Gold Two-way Zipper by YKK Japan®featuring Natural Tochigi leather pull-tabs
  • Natural Cowhide Tochigi leather "15th" foil leaf embossed patch
  • Leather patch features Peach Boy wearing traditional Eboshi (traditional hat)
  • Momotaro signature Painted White Lines on front right corner
  • Custom 15th anniversary sewn Green color tag and rayon tab

15 years in, and there is no sign of slowdown from the Peach Boys coming out of Kojima. Momotaro Jeans, a name almost eponymous with Japanese denim. In fifteen years, Momotaro have managed to carve a name for themselves in the increasingly saturated Japanese denim market. To commemorate fifteen years of dedication to sincere craft and honest labor, the brand have produced this stellar 15th year anniversary collection. Packed with enough meticulous details to incite goosebumps, this decade collection is going to be a special production to say the least.

The Momotaro 15th year anniversary collection updates the signature Momotaro leather patch with certain design elements, in order to pay homage to their decade and half working with Selvedge denim. Momotaro delve into Japanese history and grace the dome of the Momotaro Peach Boy with an Eboshi (a triangular black lacquered court hat) to commemorate their 15th year anniversary.Historically only reserved for the noble classes in Nara (when the city was capital of Japan), and then later common to the Samurai clans, Genpuku (coming of age ceremony) was standard protocol for these ruling families when a male descendent would turn 15 years old. During this coming of age ceremony, an eboshi-oya (a nominal father who has fostered a relationship with the teenager) would place an eboshi on the head of the teenager to mark his entrance into adulthood. During the Genpuku ceremony, a new adult hairstyle is adopted and clothing common to children are shed for the traditional garb reserved for adults. The Eboshi-oya also gives the teenager an eboshi-na (or new adult name) to complete this ritualistic ceremony steeped in Japanese history.

Custom milled specifically for this 15th year anniversary collection, the 15.7oz. Left-Hand Twill is Momotaro's first foray into the unconventional denim twill. Renowned by mills as a softer hand feel fabric to a conventional right hand twill denim, Momotaro Jeans mill a left-hand twill denim for the first time in their 15 year tenure. Similar to the custom denim milled for the 10th year anniversary, the proprietary Selvedge features a two-tone gold & pink Se

Size Height Length Width
CM 14.5 27.5 5.5
Inches 5.7 10.8 2.2
Made in Okayama, Japan


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