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Studio D'Artisan "Indi God and Belial Clipper" 48mm Sticker Pack

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  • 48mm x 48mm Sticker Pack featuring original Indi God and Belial Clipper artwork 
  • 4 individual stickers in each pack

It's the 1980s and a craze is sweeping over Japan. Sticker characters had seemingly overnight become the new most sought after collectibles amongst kids and one particular series launched in 1985 had such an explosive release that supermarkets had to limit the number of purchasable stickers to 3 per person in order to prevent stampede rushes to checkout counters. 

Greenhouse, the company behind the operation that amassed over 400 million sold units over the years of peak popularity have a celebrated history of creating numerous memorable names in their character lineup. 

Working closely with two original character designers, SDA have teamed up with Yonezawa and Hyodo-san from Greenhouse to conceptualize and create two fresh characters, "Indi God" and "Belial Clipper" with SDA's identity etched into the DNA of the artwork for their new "War" collection.

The playful and colorful artistic cues and motifs featured through-ought the collection is to evoke a sense of nostalgia back to the 80's while at the same time bringing back an unforgettable cultural icon.

Made in Japan