Pure Blue Japan

Pure Blue Japan Natural Indigo x Sumi Type II Selvedge Jacket (One Wash)

  • 17.5oz. Natural Indigo x Natural Sumi Sanforized Japanese Selvedge denim
  • Slim Fit
  • Type II Silhouette
  • Natural Indigo warp x Natural Sumi Ink dyed weft
  • Hank dyed Natural Indigo x Sumi Ink
  • Hand warmer pockets
  • Large Coated Iron buttons with embossing
  • Blue Selvedge ID edge
  • Double Needle Chainstitching construction
  • Chest pockets reinforced by rivets
  • Black lamsbskin leather patch
  • Leaf logo on side seam

Following up from the OD-6070, a jacket produced exclusively for you guys from us, the 6070 is the general release version (available globally at retailers and through PBJ) that goes through the factory wash process to maximize shrinkage on the jackets.

Pushing the limits of Hank dyed Natural Indigo, PBJ just upped the ante. With the Warp dyed by hand in Natural Indigo and the Weft in a dye derived from tree bark to create Natural Sumi, we can confidently say this piece once again raised the bar for the potential of hank (hand dyed using the skein dyeing method) dyed garments. 

The cotton yarns used to weave the Warp of this jacket are hank dyed with natural indigo, by aging craftsmen in Tokushima, Japan. With hank dyeing, the yarns are dipped repeatedly by hand (minimum of 20 times per lot) until the deep blue color of the natural indigo has settled into the cotton threading. 

The persistence that hank dyeing with natural indigo requires, guarantees a denim with a more resilient indigo color than any chemical indigo dye. The lengthy duration for the preparation of the dye, as well as a limited annual supply (only using Japanese Indigofera plant leaves) make natural indigo denim from Tokushima particularly sought after.

Traditionally, Sumi is produced from a combination of pinewood soot, animal glue and perfume. A common misconception is that the final product is a liquid, when in fact the ink is only the result of rubbing a solid ink 'stick' against an inkstone with water. Thus, the original production of ink sticks requires a painstaking process of thoroughly mixing the raw ingredients before kneading and shaping them in wooden moulds. The aging process can take from a few months to several years. 

In the case of the Tokushima shokunin (artisans) that created the yarns used to produce this denim, the soot the comes off burnt pine tree bark is combined with a natural adhesive to create a natural Sumi sukumo which is then created into a dark dye.

*A Size 4, Raw is featured in the pictures. Model weighs 99kg (218 pounds) and is 193cm (6'4") tall.

**Pictures reflect the raw version of this jacket

Size - CM Chest Shoulder Centre Back Sleeve
2 100 42 62 60
3 104 44 64 62
4 108 46 67 64
5 115 50 70 65
6 120 52 73 66.5
Size - Inches Chest Shoulder Centre Back Sleeve
2 39.4 16.5 24.4 23.6
3 40.9 17.3 25.2 24.4
4 42.5 18.1 26.4 25.2
5 45.3 19.7 27.6 25.6
6 47.2 20.5 28.7 26.2

Fabric Hank Dyed in Tokushima, Japan
Fabric milled & garment sewn in Okayama, Japan


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