Studio D'Artisan

Studio D'Artisan "Kasezome" Natural Indigo Sashiko Work Shirt (Type A)


  • SDA Original Natural Indigo "Kasezome" Fabric
  • Hank dyed Natural Indigo yarns
  • 100% Cotton
  • Symmetrical Chest pockets
  • "Dartisan" Rayon tag featured on chest pocket
  • SDA Original Tagua Nut buttons
  • Side gusset
  • Chainstitch runoff
  • SDA Official Union Ticket

Kasezome is the art of skein dyeing, a hand dyeing method by wrapping undyed yarns into a loose coil and dipping them into a vat of Natural Indigo (in this instance). The yarns are dyed to the core while still retaining their original texture, a feat only possible when the yarns are meticulously dyed by hand. The yarns have been dyed at varying degrees of indigo hue intensity, made possible by the amount of times a set of yarns are dipped into the vat of Natural Indigo.

In the case of this Kasezome shirt by SDA, undyed yarns are paired with a range from light to dark indigo yarns and set on a dobby loom to create an incredibly intricate fabric that was historically found on Japanese Kimono's and other traditional garb. The Tate, or Warp, is a tediously "Kase" dyed yarn in Natural indigo. This is combined with an irregular weft to give the impression of rain falling through the fabric, a phenomenon the Japanese passionately have named, "Ame-kasuri", or Rain Skein Dyed. 

Weaving a fabric of this calibre is only possible on a non-mechanized loom, with only a handful of smaller factories in the Okayama and Hiroshima regions still able to painstakingly weave this fabric using techniques dating back over a century to the early Showa era. Skilled artisans are responsible to not only dye the yarns to a variety of ideal hues of indigo by hand, but then have to ensure that the loom is rigged perfectly to weave this impressive textile. A marriage of Japanese tradition and American Workwear.

*Model is pictured wearing a size 38. He weighs 59kg (130 pounds) and is 178cm (5’11”) tall.

Size - CM Chest Shoulder Centre Back Sleeve
36 96 40 65 60
38 102 42 68 61.5
40 108 44 69 63
42 114 46 72 64
44 118 48 72 64
46 122 50 74 66
Size - Inches Chest Shoulder Centre Back Sleeve
36 37.8 15.7 25.6 23.6
38 40.2 16.5 26.8 24.2
40 42.5 17.3 27.2 24.8
42 44.9 18.1 28.3 25.2
44 46.5 18.9 28.3 25.2
46 48 19.7 29.1 26
Made in Okayama, Japan


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