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Studio D'Artisan "Origami" Type 1 Selvedge Jacket

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  • 14.5 oz. SDA Unsanforized Japanese Selvedge denim
  • 100% Cotton
  • Type 1 Silhouette
  • SDA original metal button opening
  • Embroidered 'Orizuru' paper crane
  • Selvedge Collar detail
  • Cinch back feature
  • Leather waistband patch

SDA do what they want, as usual. Just peep the use of Selvedge with this piece. Expecting the unexpected is probably what makes SDA so interesting season after season.

The word Origami is a combination of Ori (or to fold), and gami (or kami, meaning paper). Origami has historically always used a traditional Japanese natural paper known as Washi, a material that is woven into the social & cultural fabric of Japan. Dating back over 1,300 years, washi has played an active role in most Japanese art forms that have developed over the last century.

SDA keeping it crazy as usual, decided to blend standard cotton, with a yarn derived from Washi paper pulp to create a proprietary 14.5oz. Selvedge denim fabric that is just as interesting to the hand as it is to the eye. Featuring a waxy finish and feel given the the washi paper blend (a material that is known to have a waxy hand to it), aesthetically, the denim has a luster that would be hard to replicate with 100% cotton.

Blending Cotton & Japanese Washi paper to create the Weft yarn for this Selvedge twill, the "Origami" jeans add to SDA's endless resume of delivering denim with a twist. Washi is a broad word for Japanese paper. Wa is an all encompassing term that suggests traditionally Japanese, while Shi is paper. Washi is a hand made paper utilizing natural fibers like local tree bark, through traditional processes.

Paying homage to the homegrown craft with the  embroidered red crane taking front and center stage on the seam of the chest pocket, Origami, literally translates as "to fold paper". The clever inclusion of a ubiquitous Japanese paper craft to lead the branding of the entire "Origami" collection is quintessentially SDA. 

*Model is pictured wearing a size 38. He weighs 75kg (165 pounds) and is 175cm (5'10") tall.

Size - CM (Raw) Chest Shoulder Centre Back Sleeve
38 110 44.5 61.5 62.5
40 113 46.5 63.5 64
42 120 49 65 65
44 124 51 68 66
Size - Inches (Raw) Chest Shoulder Centre Back Sleeve
38 43.3 17.5 24.2 24.6
40 44.5 18.3 25 25.2
42 47.2 19.3 25.6 25.6
44 48.8 20.1 26.8 26
Made in Okayama, Japan


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