The Factory Made

The Factory Made Indigo Sashiko Muffler


  • Japanese Indigo Sashiko Fabric
  • 100% Cotton
  • One Wash
  • Boa lining
  • Hole-to-loop opening
  • The Factory Made brand tab

Applying a fabric with a rich history in Japanese culture to this piece, known as Sashiko (刺し子, directly translates as 'little stabs'), the indigo dyed cotton base of the fabric has undyed white cotton yarns running in parallel lines throughout. Sashiko was historically a sewing technique used to repair well worn sections of traditional kimonos and workwear, but early on was adopted as a way of also decorating patterns on garments.

Given the extra thick nature of the fabric in tandem with the ultra-warm boa lining, the hole-to-loop serves as the well needed touch of functionality to ensure a very comfortable wrap around the wearer's neckline. 

Length - 98cm (38.5")

Made in Osaka, Japan


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