Okayama Denim

The OD New Year Lucky Bag 2023

Lucky Bag

This campaign goes live on January 1st, 2023 @ Midnight JST

Taking cues from the annual campaign that every major retailer in Japan runs at the start of each year, we'd like to start the new year with something major. So the catch is you don't know what you're going to get, you just select your preferred Chest & Waist size, and the size of your purchase bag. 

Items may include jeans, tops & accessories from every brand we carry. Up to 40% savings gets you the best damn deal we've ever featured through this site. Offering OD Lucky Bags for the first time, you will be given an assortment of items from our catalog equivalent to the quoted value for each bag size.

There are three tiers to the Lucky Bag,

Mini: $200 Purchase gets you $300 worth of OD product

Middie: $400 Purchase gets you $650 worth of OD product

Grande: $600 Purchase gets you $1000 worth of OD product

*Selected items for the Lucky Bags will be at the discretion of Okayama Denim. Lucky Bags will begin shipping on the 16th of January, 2023. Clients may be contacted to confirm sizing.

**Offer only available while supplies last.

***Discount codes or Indigo Seeds cannot be used toward the purchase of the 2023 Lucky Bag.

All sales are final.