Momotaro Jeans | The 10th Anniversary Collection

March 08, 2016

Hard to believe a decade has already elapsed since Momotaro first hit the Selvedge scene. Harder yet to believe that we have had a working relationship with them for more than half that time. Okayama Denim would not be where it is today without the support and close relationship we have with the Momotaro Jeans brand and the Japan Blue Group as a whole. So sharing this decade collection with you guys is more than just a transaction. It is a product that defines what Momotaro has grown into, with their meticulous attention to detail and perfectly executed construction. 

Momotaro's Best-selling cut, the Slim Tapered gets the 10th Anniversary treatment

Another popular cut, the classic Slim Straight gets the 10th Anniversary facelift

And the anti-fit, ultra-comfy Middle Straight gets the same 10th Anniversary update

With painstakingly perfect execution, no detail is skipped, including this beautiful custom Cowhide leather patch sourced from the famed Tochigi Leather factory north of Tokyo

 How could it be perfect without a brand new custom milled Selvedge - the Momotaro boys outdid themselves with this Peach & Gold ID Selvedge

Paying homage to every variation of Momotaro branded buttons every used over the past decade, the front fly tells the tale only a dedicated denimhead would understand

Elevating the standard seems to be the theme with this decade collection - the back yoke features a Natural Indigo Discharge Dyed cotton canvas fabric produced exclusively for this series

With the gold signifying the decade collection, we will let the blue speak for itself

Summarizing the Momotaro creed in bold Japanese Kanji characters, the Jacquard pocket bags are a real eye catcher

Translated English text, building on the Momotaro motto, is featured on the right pocket bag

 Found on all Momotaro Jeans, this woven label features the updated gold and blue color scheme

This has got to be a first from the Momotaro camp - an all denim Back pocket Flasher

All three silhouettes (the 0705TN, the 0205TN, and the 1005TN) from the 10th Anniversary Collection are available at the special pre-order price today (US$212).

Pre-orders for this collection will close on March 31st, 2015. The collection will deliver to customers by the middle to end of August.

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