The word denim originates from the term 'Serge de Nîmes'.
Serge is a type of cotton twill textile which is woven using a double stitch, over and under pattern.
This creates a rough and rugged textile (similar to denim) which was originally used in work wear and military uniforms in Europe. 
The city of Nîmes in France is historically known for its textile production including Serge, explaining the derivation for the word denim (de Nimes). 
The etymology of another word we commonly use to describe denim comes from the Italian town of Genoa, where the first denim trousers were produced. In French, Genoa is pronounced Gênes (Jeans).
We carry a wide variety of cuts and weigh by ounce in our denim range. Whether you are looking for a classic pair of Relaxed Straight leg jeans, or a pair of Slim Tapered leg jeans with a modern silhouette, we believe that there is something here for everyone.
Studio D'Artisan SD-508 (Relax Tapered)
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Studio D'Artisan SD-508 (Relax Tapered)

Studio D'Artisan


Studio D'Artisan "Midare Kasuri" Selvedge Jeans
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Big John Mods Selvedge Jeans
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