Daikanyama T-Site - The best bookstore on Earth

September 24, 2014

Although not the most well-known, Daikanyama easily beats out many other populated districts in Tokyo with its chic inhabitants, modern architecture, and spacious (by Japan’s standards) streets. Just a train stop away from it, Daikanyama is more relaxed and upscale than Shibuya. Luxury boutiques line the hilly streets, cafes can be found on every corner, and tasteful shops and restaurants are in abundance for any and all occasions. 

While the shops and boutiques praise minimalist and modern design, Daikanyama T-Site Garden dominates the neighboring buildings in terms of ambience and sophistication. Just a 5-10 minute walk from the station, T-site Garden is home to Daikanyama Tsutaya Books, a three floor, three part bookstore, Ivy Place, a popular lunch spot and café, Leica, a bike shop, and various other shops for parents and young adults. Besides the otherwise occupied spaces in the Garden, there are also gallery spaces for temporary businesses and showcases. 

The largest part of the site, Daikanyama Tsutaya Books, differs from others around Tokyo. Wanting to embody a different “lifestyle navigation” for young adults, the “Library in the Woods” was developed by Klein Dytham Architecture in a competition with 80 other firms to bring forth a place where various titles and works for every interest and age-group can come together. The glass windows, wood accents, and soothing lighting all made for an ideal reading establishment. 

On the second floor is the Anjin Library and Lounge. Enjoying a Café Latte, I was taken aback by the extremely respectful waitresses and waiters, the sheer number of magazines and literature, and the overall aesthetic ambience. The shiny black pillars in the middle of the floor supplemented the subtle lighting behind the shelved books and the sleek, wood furniture. Quiet, calming, and classy, the floor’s main attraction was the impressive tapestry of a traditional art style over-looking the stairs. Not unlike a hotel lobby, the lounge made for a peaceful and professional area for business meetings and casual reading.


While the book collection is impressive, Daikanyama Tsutaya also carry a wide variety of movies and music. The music and movie floors are just as chic as the rest of the establishment with the same subtle lighting and quiet and professional atmosphere. 

Daikanyama provides aesthetically pleasing establishments and design to an otherwise, hustling and bustling metropolis. A must-go for visitors, tourists, students—Daikanyama is the ultimate eye-candy for people of all ages.

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