Blending five materials into one textile - the JB0416 is here

December 25, 2014

Five materials into one fabric requires a little methodology. But who better than the Collect mill to come up with a fabric that oozes this much character. Neppy as hell, with a variety of thread colors popping out of the brown fabric, and an electric blue and white nep threads gracing the gray fabric. Both colors in the new release by Japan Blue, the JB0416, are charming in both fabric and fit.

This fabric is made possible by using a combination of rope dyed black warps, and the weft using an intricate combination of various color threads with the base of either Gray or Brown, to create the unique twill. The silhouette is adopted from the best selling cut by Japan Blue, their Slim Tapered cut, which begins to taper at the inner thigh, all the way to the hem.

Although washing these in a conventional washing machine is safe, these are definitely not dryer safe, and we strongly suggest hang dry them outdoors.

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