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Sakura Season in Tokyo

Posted: Apr 13 2015

The start of Spring is quite clear cut in Japan, with the commencement of the season marked by the full bloom of cherry blossoms in late March-early April each year. With the scattered showers throughout the weekend in Tokyo, most of the beautiful Sakura that graced the trees of the city are now littered petals throughout the streets. We did manage to get out and capture some images of our favorite time of year in Japan. 

Right down the street from our office in Daikanyama, is the infamous Meguro River (Meguro-gawa) which runs through Tokyo

Meguro-gawa is renowned for being a popular sakura viewing (or Hanami in Japanese) location

The iconic pink lanterns each have a person of company name, who each donate small sums to support the Sakura season in Naka-Meguro

Some of the crowds gather in the late afternoon to enjoy the gorgeous view of Meguro river



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