Well Worn: OD+MJ Indigo Sashiko Shirt

November 12, 2015

Without a doubt, the most fun we had to date with a collaboration is the OD+MJ Indigo Sashiko Shirt (ODMJ003) we produced with Momotaro Jeans. It started with the fabric, a heavyweight Indigo Sashiko fabric that had just the right color contrast with the white threading on the indigo base. Here is an example of a size 38 that has been worn pretty hard for the past few months.

Despite the heavy rotation of this piece, other than the deep hue of indigo slightly softening, the overall aesthetic is mostly unchanged. Interestingly, after the first wash, the white sashiko threading loosens causing it to look thicker than when the item was brand new. 

If you happened to get one of the 55 pieces we produced (was actually 56 including this one pictured!), feel free to post a well worn pic to your social media platform of choice (Facebook, Twitter, Instagram) and tag us #OkayamaDenim, would love to see what is out there!

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