The OD+JB 18oz. "Kaijin Slub" Selvedge Jeans


Almost one year on from the initial release, we are pumped to bring back a restock of one our most requested models from the OD+JB 18oz. Slub Series. Rewinding back to 2020, the design process involved multiple rounds of yarn color sampling, which eventually graced us with a denim featuring an aquatic hue of blue. Evocative of crashing waves and rough seas, thematically we decided that this heavyweight collaboration model pay homage to 海神 (Kai-Jin) or Sea God in Japanese. Throughout history, the Sea has always been heralded as a precarious expanse of the unknown and various deities of mythologies around the world have been worshipped through time.

The OD+JB 18oz. "Kaijin Slub" Selvedge Jeans - $195 USD

Historically, Japanese mythology has revered many deities of the sea both in Shinto and Buddhist circles. For instance in Shintoism, Susanoo (スサノオ, is heralded as the deity of the sea and storms with stories portraying him as a multifaceted deity exhibiting both good and bad characteristics. For instance, while some folklore regarded his somewhat petulant and short-tempered nature the catalyst of violent storms at sea, contradictory tales of heroism including one such story of a sea serpent being slain at his hands link him to fruitful crop harvests in Japan.
Featured in a sanforized 18oz. denim fabric milled by the crew over at Collect, the jeans are cut in JB's High Tapered silhouette which offer ample room in the rises and thigh but maintain a clean modern taper in the leg. Thematically sticking to the color of the weft, the light blue tone stitching can been seen at various points of the jeans.
Complete with all original JB hardware, the OD+JB vat dyed extra thick Tochigi Leather Cowhide waistband leather patch once again makes a welcome return.
For that little detail to keep for yourself, we opted for 6oz. Indigo Oxford fabric pocket bags which we hope you will enjoy the fading process of as much as the jeans!

The restock for the OD+JB 18oz. "Kaijin Slub" Jeans drops on 1/15 @ Midnight (JST)