An OD+JB Collaboration | The 18oz. "Midnight Slub" Selvedge Jeans

Coming back after almost a 3 year hiatus, one of our most requested OD+JB collaboration models is finally making its way off the production floor. Packing that substantial slub that is the essence of the OD+JB 18oz. Selvedge series, the "Midnight Slub" delivers some deadly deep hues of Indigo. The fabric is stealthy AF to start with, but once you make your way down the patina pathway, there are some serious "Electric Blue" fades awaiting at the well worn mark. When it comes to the details, we decided to stick to our guns and maintain the elements from the previous run. For the waistband patch we rolled with the midnight theme and opted for a black-dyed Tochigi Cowhide Leather, debossed with the OD+JB flair. In tandem with black coated hardware, the 10oz. Black Chambray pocket bags are also Selvedge - just that little detail to keep for yourself. Due to a limited availability of this textured fabric, a limited production of the OD+JB "Midnight Slub" Selvedge Jeans will restock on 7/1 @ Midnight (JST).

The OD+JB 18oz. "Midnight Slub" Selvedge Jeans restock on 7/1 @ Midnight (JST)