An OD+LW Collaboration | The Natural Kakishibu Dyed Heather Slub L/S Bib Tee

Kakishibu has a deep rooted history in Japanese craft culture & tradition, dating back to the early 13th century when it was first introduced to Japan from China. Annually in late August, unripe persimmon are harvested as their tannin or juice is extracted. Used as a multi-solution tool, Kakishibu was used to cure hangovers, for wood lacquering and even as a clearing agent for sake, to name only a few of the varied applications of the historic dye.

Natural Kakishibu Dyeing

The process of garment dyeing this proprietary Heather Slub fabric from L&W requires patience and persistence, as multiple rounds of hand dyeing and drying are required to acheive the aesthetically pleasing brown hues that have settled into the textured fabric to give it a unique melange coloring.

Starting with a subtle off-white base, the tees are individually garment dyed, one piece at a time. A combination of the irregular nature of the fabric and the heather nature of the base fabric, results in the penetration of the natural dye in a variegated fashion, celebrating a range of Kakishibu dyed hues.


Honing into that blue blooded DNA that runs in our genetics, we opted for all the four-needle flat seamer construction to be commanded on a vintage Union Special in a navy blue cotton yarn, to give contrast to the earthy Kakishibu hues while also highlighting the meticulous garment construction on this unique piece.
Paying homage to the USN undershirt style common amongst servicemen during the 1940's, the process of attaching the bib panels on both the front and back of this garment requires the meticulous attention of a skilled artisan.
With each collaborative design effort we embark on with our fam from Loop & Weft, we are able to test and try a new concept and direction. This Heather Slub fabric that Loop & Weft developed managed to really impress our team, so much so that is the second collaboration with this same Heather Slub development, the first being our ODLW006 that launched before the summer.



The ODLW Natural Dyed Heather Slub L/S Bib Tee drops on 8/27 @ Midnight (JST)