An OD+SJ Collab | The ODSJ004 "Wagami" Jeans

April 08, 2020

Pictured is the very first sample of the ODSJ004, worn steadily for about two months. The Unsanforized jeans were pre-soaked once prior to wearing them.
A brand new pair pictured alongside the first sample with 2 months of wear.
With the arcuates tucked into the back pockets of this pair, a signature detail on all of our OD+SJ collaboration jeans, the double indigo really helps accentuate the lines.
The upside down "A" Samurai tag, reserved for only special models, selected in Black for this piece.
Initially used on our ODSJ002 collaboration, we've brought back our custom blackout "Sakura" rivets from Samurai.
With the warp being a conventional industrial indigo, and the weft part of the composition comprising of Natural Indigo, the 17oz. Selvedge allows for some high contract fades to appear with wear.
A detail we snipped from the final production, the first sample featured white tonal stitching on the raised belt loop detail.
Just a couple months in, and these combs are looking promising.
That Natural Indigo hue really pops when you cuff the hem.
A detail that encompasses the concept of these jeans and this collaboration with Samurai, we tucked a special Wagara, or traditional Japanese print textile, into the back pockets of these jeans. As this detail is meant to be cherished and enjoyed by the owner and not a show off detail, the "Wagami" (the Japanese concept for oneself) name came about as a pair of jeans that are understated on the outside.
Our thick natural OD+SJ signature cowhide leather patch is featured on the ODSJ004 jeans.

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