Back in stock | The Japan Blue High Tapered JB0601 and JB0606

June 10, 2021

Returning after a lengthy hiatus we are pleased to announce a full restock of two of JB's most popular models to date.
The Japan Blue "High Tapered" cut is a standout silhouette in our lineup, and one that has been highly regarded amongst our international clientele. Going back to 2016, the standard offerings tended to suit more of a Japanese body type. After feedback from fellow Denimheads and retailers from around the world, Japan Blue got to readjusting and refining the dimensions of their popular Slim Tapered cut, to bring the High Tapered silhouette to fruition.
Two of the biggest issues that the JB team rectified with this cut ,was the low set of rises and tight thighs that foreign body types (non-Japanese) wearers had trouble with on their Slim Tapered cut. Adding a few centimeters to these dimensions was the first step, but to keep the overall aesthetic clean and modern, a sharp taper was added from the knee down.
The resulting cut ticked all the right boxes and became an insta-hit amongst the international denim community. JB have yet to deviate from their original formula and the two original JB0601 and JB0606 models are to this day our first recommendation for an entry level pair of Japanese-made Selvedge Denim Jeans.
The JB0601 features a 14.8oz Texas cotton Denim fabric. The rough and tough fabric composition has some of the best fading potential on the market with the classic Indigo dyed warp x Ecru weft combination.
Another reason why we highly recommend JB's High Tapered models for newbies is the sanforized nature of the fabric, meaning the shrinkage is essentially minimal (3% overall at most). Pick a pair with the comfort of avoiding the guessing game when it comes to sizing without losing out on the full-on raw denim experience.
The JB0606 features a 14oz.  Zimbabwe x Memphis Cotton Bi-blend fabric. The long fibers of the Zimbabwean cotton make for a very soft-to-the-touch denim, while the Memphis cotton is known for its heavy and coarse feel.  Blend these two opposites together and you get a unique fabric that is tough while feeling soft, with a great sheen to start off with that will fade beautifully over time.
Little details like the Asanoha Sashiko pocket bags elevate an otherwise supremely clean pair of Selvedge Jeans.
Whether this is your first or fiftieth pair, at $140 USD a pop, either one of these are the perfect pair to start a new Denim journey with.

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