Exchange rates | Pricing update at OD

As a company based in Japan, but shipping almost exclusively to international destinations around the world, Forex (currency exchange rate) plays a vital role in our business and the price of our products listed online. Ironically, even though the price of not only services (shipping, handling, production, etc) have all risen dramatically over the course of Covid-19, the incredible change in the exchange rate has overridden the rise in price of goods and services in Japan.

What does that mean for our denim fam? Bottom line is, a lot of products just got cheaper on the site.

To explain this phenomenon, imagine the USD=JPY exchange rate was hovering at around $1 = ¥115 a year ago. That same exchange rate just cracked the unprecedented $1 = ¥140 rate this week, with no slow down in sight. As our pricing is reflected in USD, that gives us the chance to bring prices DOWN (cheaper than before in USD) so that you guys can continue to enjoy shopping for some of your favorite styles and brands at price points that are lower than they have ever been in recent memory.

Because Forex can be so volatile, we held off on making the decision to re-price our products just to see if there would be a rebound, yet it now is crystal clear that these rates are here to stay for the foreseeable future. 

*We are unfortunately unable to retroactively apply the new pricing toward any previous order placed on the website.

**We are pleased to price match our products with any reputable retailer of Japanese denim online.