Fade Friday | ODSDA006 "Panther" Jeans

March 19, 2021

This week for Fade Friday we are stoked to be able to share /u/Necrobard's beatifully faded pair of the OD+SDA 18oz. "Panther" Selvedge Jeans after only 3 months of wear!
Necrobard comments: "This week marks 3 months of daily wear (generally 6 days a week) with the Panthers so I figured I'd take some progress pics. As you can see they've been pretty fast faders. Also the pony hair patch has been losing hair around the edges. I received them raw and gave them 2 hot soaks the first week, but gonna wait until June before they get a real wash. Will be sure to post another update then!"
Pics & Comments taken from /r/rawdenim user Necrobard

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