Introducing Studio D'Artisan's 18oz. "Godzilla" Selvedge Jeans

August 05, 2020

First introduced to the world through Ishiro Honda's Godzilla film that originally premiered in 1954, Godzilla is a fictional monster that is empowered by nuclear radiation. The themes have shifted over the years, but the character has always had unwavering popularity in both Japanese & Global pop culture.
Opting for an 18oz. Denim fabric, both slub and nep factors have been turned up a notch and drives home the concept of creating a rough texture emulating the scaly and scarred nature of Godzilla's skin.
Cut in SDA's SD-103 silhouette, expect more comfort throughout the leg on these Regular Straight jeans, a perfect combination with the heavier 18oz. fabric.
Subtle details are what we have come to expect from SDA, and this pair is no exception. Featured above, the embroidered fifth-pocket motif of Godzilla's imposing silhouette lurking in the distance.
Playing into the OG Osaka 5 brand's DNA, the skyline of Osaka is represented on the printed olive drab herringbone,   which has been stitched into the back yoke of the jeans.
G reen stitching featured on the top button hole and back pocket arcs are details which refine and complete the overall look of this limited pair of jeans.
Just a handful of these jeans remain now that pre-ordered pairs have been shipped. Don't miss out on these monsters!


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