Introducing TCB | The "Two Cat Brand"

October 10, 2019

A true factory brand, birthed in Okayama and rooted in passion, TCB Jeans manage an operation that includes the sewing factory, clothing store & office all under one roof in Kojima. With a brand DNA rooted in vintage garments from a foregone era, the "Two Cats Brand" or "Taking Care of Business" (depending on who you ask), have been producing denim garments in their warehouse turned factory for the past decade.
Inoue-san has been quietly producing vintage reproduction jeans for the past decade in the most honest way - bringing back to life the jeans he grew up wearing.
From yarn selection, propriety selvedge denim are spun and milled in Okayama, Japan. For a brand that is creating denim from scratch, TCB manage to find the right balance between uniquely original and price point.
The spin process where the yarns are set up to mill your next pair of TCBs!
The beauty of TCB's jeans lineup is each silhouette features a unique fabric, with a total of five fabrics featured amongst their denim lineup.
Exclusively spun on vintage Toyada looms in a factory bordering Okayama & Hiroshima.
The fades don't lie, TCB jeans hold some serious potential.
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