JB0306 | 1 Year 9 Months Progress

April 23, 2018

The JB0306 Fade Potential is Real
Washes: 6-7 machine washes (only after the first few months without washing)
Soak: No soak, worn straight from the bag as these are Sanforized
Activities: Biking & Skating
Ryo has put that work in with this pair of JB0306's, and we're stoked to show you guys his progress.
So not only does Ryo ride his bike to and from work everyday (those butt fades tho!), he enjoys skateboarding during his free time, which explains some of the holes and heavy wear on the front of the jeans - the wear on the right side is likely from the griptape on the skateboard rubbing up against the fabric.
Pressure points like the corners of the back pockets and belt loops show some exceptional patina. Also, nothing like a Nude leather waistband patch deepening in color, in tandem with the fades appearing on the jeans.
Whiskers and button fly opening fades are pretty epic.
The distress area with smaller holes likely coming from the skating.
Another whisker shot on the JB0306's
Ryo wore these jeans at least several times a week for almost two years - nothing comes easy, but hard work always pays off.
It's not just raised belt loops that yield great fades - the reasonably priced JB0306 can also yield some killer belt loop wear & tear.
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