The JB0306 @ 5 Months of Wear

August 17, 2016

Out of Japan Blue's fits, the JB0306 sits at the very far end of the slim tapered spectrum.

Aptly named the Baguette Slim, these are a fairly recent release by Japan Blue to cater for those with the skinniest of legs who still want a pair of raws that maintain a clean and modern aesthetic.

Weighing in at 14oz., the combination twill of the rugged Memphis and softer long-staple Zimbabwe Cottons make these a more than worthy contender for your everyday wear, even during the hotter months.

Now that we have entered the later stages of Summer, we wanted to see the patina on these after enduring a couple weeks worth of sweat thanks to the searing heat and humidity of Tokyo.

Right away we can already see the beginnings of the intense contrast that the Memphis Cotton has to offer. 

Waiting just that bit longer (the 4 month mark to be precise) to wash these was worth it, the early whiskers appearing more pronounced at the front of the jeans along with the lighter hues of indigo breaking through at the back rise and pockets. 

The Natural Cowhide leather patch has developed incredible patina (as expected) over the past couple of months

The rear belt loop already close to being worked to the core.

These being the slimmest 14 oz. pair that Japan Blue has to offer, after months of near daily wear, we are finally seeing the birth of some honeycombs.


Japan Blue JB0306 ($125)

Anachronorm Bordeaux Vulcanized Sneakers ($150)

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