Loop & Weft | Merino Lambswool Sweater and Cardigan

January 11, 2017

Heather Ivory Merino Lambswool Cardigan  ✔️️
Tagua Nut Buttons  ✔️️
Vintage inspired rib construction  ✔️️
Carefully selected Tagua Nut Buttons in brown highlight the beauty of the Ivory Merino Wool fabric.
Inspired by the fishing culture of Guernsey, an island in the English Channel, similar sweaters were once worn by fisherman at sea.
Subtle details really make a piece - and the detailing on this one speaks for itself.
Also available in Gray and a Mock Neck sweater, the featured details of the two styles are very similar.
Elongated cuffs with heavy braided details.
Dark brown Tagua Nut buttons are switched out for the Gray version, dressed up here with a button up and jeans (duh!)
Available online today in two styles:
Merino Lambswool Cardigan ($272, available in Ash Gray and Heather Ivory)
Merino Lambswool Sweater ($236,  available in Ash Gray and Heather Ivory)

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