Momotaro's latest Hinoki dyed garments

It's that time of year, right in the thick of winter when many of our favorite Japanese denim brands start to reveal what has been cooking behind the scenes for the winter season. This week, it's all about Momotaro and their innovative use of a traditional Japanese timber known as Hinoki. Hinoki, or Japanese cypress wood, is native only to Japan, making this celebration of the coveted timber through this collection all the more special.

Hinoki dyeing is a traditional Japanese method of dyeing fabrics using the leaves and branches of the Hinoki (Japanese cypress) tree. The Hinoki tree is a type of evergreen conifer that is native to Japan, and has been used in traditional Japanese architecture, furniture, and other crafts for centuries. The dye produced from the hinoki is a yellow-green color that is said to be similar to the color of hinoki wood. The process of Hinoki dyeing involves boiling the leaves and branches of the Hinoki tree in water to extract the dye, and then immersing the fabric in the dye bath. The resulting fabric has a unique, natural color and a soft, subtle texture.

A dual drop of garments featuring this innovative dyeing technique, Momotaro bring back their stellar GTB Sashiko Pants which have been dyed to that perfect hue of beige. Celebrating turn of the century workwear, Momotaro's Hinoki Dyed Hickory Type II Jacket draws inspiration from garments worn by railroad workers in the 1930s. Featuring rope-dyed Indigo stripes, expect an interesting and unique fading profile as you rock this piece.

Momotaro Hinoki Dyed GTB Sashiko Pants

Momotaro Hinoki Dyed Hickory Type II Jacket

The new Momotaro items drop on 1/13 @ Midnight (JST)