An OD+SDA Collaboration | The 18oz. "Panther" Selvedge Jeans

December 11, 2020

Teaming up with the OG fam over at SDA, the generously textured 18oz. Indigo x Black Selvedge we crafted the latest collaboration from is a deviation of the previously released 18oz. “Godzilla” jeans. With both the warp and weft featuring No. 5 threading, the result on the face of the fabric is subtle unevenness that is hard to capture with the naked eye, but is obvious when you run your hand along the fabric. Almost Black in most lighting, the blue hues of the jeans really only rear its head during moments of direct sunlight, an effect of the dyed yarn combination that gives it the same incognito aesthetic as a wild Black Panther. 
The pocket bags & leather patch is where we were able to tie in our "Panther" motif, and brought in artist and friend, Nathan Spoor, for the design. Getting a pocket bag printed with approximately ten colors as we did for this pair, as opposed to the conventional single color print, increases the print cost exponentially. But we wanted to maintain the integrity of Nathan Spoor's insane freehand design to the best of our ability, without concern for cost.
While we have used Pony hair in previous collaborations, the Black pony hair fit the profile perfect for the animalistic aesthetic we were going for.
Combining this with the Black Rayon lined back pockets, the smooth and lustrous feel of the inner back pockets elevates this pair with a detail reserved only for the owner to enjoy.
Finally for the flasher - we've seen a lot of these in our day. But continuing on from previous collaborations we have done with SDA like the "Matcha" jeans, we opted for the use of Japanese Washi paper. Traditionally used for book covers and origami, Washi paper is both highly durable & malleable. As to be expected at this point, the designs developed by Nathan specifically for this collaboration are impeccable. So much so that the pressure was on to make the denim and details as perfect as possible, to be on par with Nathan's flawless freehand work on this "Panther" project.
Other details we've chosen to use for this pair include SDA's original Black coated buttons, single deep navy stitch on the back pockets sans the classic arcuates, red & white "OD" color stitching on a single belt loop.
The updated OD relaxed tapered has a lengthier front rise, a wider thigh and aggressive taper from the knee down creating an aesthetically pleasing silhouette, while still maintaining maximum comfort. The updates we made were opening up the waist, and slightly narrowing down the leg opening to create a nice balance.
General Release goes live on 12/12 @ Midnight, JST ($295)

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