Pure Blue Japan's Black Teacore Dyed Selvedge Jeans

Pure Blue Japan have once again created a unique denim fabric for their F/W '23 collection that epitomizes "chashin" (茶芯), or as it translates, "tea core." This unique quality is the result of a meticulous dyeing process that transforms black denim into a masterpiece that evolves over time, revealing a captivating brown hue as part of its patina.

Going deeper into the concept behind "chashin" (茶芯), the first kanji "茶," encapsulates both the essence of brown and the spirit of tea. The second character, "芯," signifies core, akin to the heart or essence of a material. This nuanced combination gives birth to a distinctive quality that goes beyond mere aesthetics — it's a narrative woven into the fabric of each pair.

What sets teacore dyed denim apart is the journey it takes from conception to creation. The yarns used for the TCD series jeans are first dyed in a rich brown hue before undergoing a process of being overdyed in black. Clocking in at 14oz., PBJ's quintessentially slubby yarns coupled with their first-class construction and hardware, pave the way for an exciting and unique fading experience over time.

The Pure Blue Japan Black Teacore Dyed Selvedge Jeans drop on 12/8 @ Midnight (JST)