Street Snaps | Samurai Indigo Kasuri shirting

Kasuri (or 絣) is the Japanese term for a fabric that has a color range of dyed fibers to create patterns and images within a textile. It is similar to Ikat dyeing, a form of resistance dyeing. Ikat is the predecessor to Kasuri techniques and was first developed during the reign of the Ryukyu Kingdom (modern-day Okinawa), around 1200AD. Traditional Japanese fabrics have been produced with these techniques for centuries by highly skilled artisans and is a renowned and revered material for the Japanese.

SSS21-IK 藍シマ

A method of dyeing dating back centuries, Samurai lean into tradition to craft a timeless top fo the urban gentlemen. Starting out with a unique checkered stitch pattern with a 3D texture, the combination of Kasuri dyed Natural Indigo yarns result in the immensely streaky pattern seen throughout this shirt. In this particular case, the Ai-Shima(Indigo Stripe) version of the shirt has the undyed yarn threads featured only in the warp, resulting in an almost rain-like fabric face.

SSS21-IK 藍格子 (Ai-Kōshi)

Personal preferences of the OD squard lean into this "indigo plaid" or 藍格子 (Ai-Kōshi) version. The unique weave gives the fabric a 3-dimensional texture & aesthetic, which should give some pretty incredible patina with wear. In this particular case, the Ai-Kōshi(Indigo Plaid) version of the shirt has the undyed yarns featured both in the warp and weft, further accentuating the texture of the unique 3D check pattern of the shirt.

Now available as both the Stripe & Plaid versions!