The CC Show | First look at Pure Blue Japan's 2017 plans

November 01, 2016

With a launch slated for early 2017, the PBE-019 (Pop-up Beige Relaxed Tapered) is not only a brand new fabric addition to the current PBJ line-up, it is also the new silhouette that PBJ is introducing this Fall!
While we see renditions of Jacquard make an appearance from time to time, Indigo Dyed Jacquard with such an overtly intricate design is a first. 
Details to dye for!
Taking the concept of Irregular denim to a whole new level, PBJ apply the traditional Japanese dyeing art of Kasuri ( 絣) in the development of their latest original 6oz. Selvedge fabric for next season.
Resist dyed in selected patterns, the irregular aesthetic of the textile is developed by tightly wrapping sections of both the warp and weft.
Coming in as a pair, as PBJ does season after season with their proprietary shirting fabrics, these will be available as a Work Shirt as well and a Western.
You can expect Deep Indigo to make a return in shirting, similar to the previous PBJ Deep Indigo Western, with a few subtle silhouette updates for next season.
Clean lines allow for the stylized aesthetic that PBJ has so eloquently perfected.
Available as a Work Shirt as well, the nonchalant Selvedge detail makes an appearance o the front opening of both styles of the shirt.
The brains behind the brand, Iwaya-san of PBJ, shares a laugh with us.
Best believe it - 22oz. Selvedge will be making an appearance as well! We are only a couple months out from the launch of this incredible fabric (Side note: the -013 Silm Tapered silhouette also just got an update, with all future models featuring a smaller leg opening).
Coolest chic in the game, Kozue-san of PBJ shows off the beast that is the 22oz-013, slated for a December drop.
The standard 14oz version of the XX-013 is seen here next to a well worn version of the same.
The 17oz-011, an overspec update of the original XX-011, in a brand new 17oz Left Hand Twill Selvedge (will likely hit market in March 2017).
An example of a well worn 17oz-011 (these are professionally distressed by hand in a factory, don't feel bad that your fades don't look as good)!
Potential on these things are ridic, pretty damn excited for these.

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