The Fullcount F/W 2021 Collection

Fullcount's F/W 2021 collection has begun rolling fresh off the press, with enough vintage-inspired pieces to satisfy the most hardcore Osaka 5 fanatics out there. As always, the 25+ year running Denim powerhouse put amazing fabrics and unbeatable construction on a pedestal with every single release. This season is by no means any different with some standout pieces ready to join your Winter wardrobe for 2021 and beyond.

Fullcount 1108SR "Super Rough" Selvedge Jeans - $240

Fullcount's version of a "Super Rough" Selvedge series is back, this time in their classic 1108 Slim Straight silhouette.
Knowing the pride that Fullcount have for their regular "XX" 15.5oz. fabric, this was definitely a step-out-of-the-box moment for them when when they first dropped the Super Roughs back in 2020. It absolutely paid off though, with this being the third iteration of the extra textured denim coming through by popular demand.
If your itching to achieve some seriously high-contrast fades (and quickly!), do yourself a favor and jump into a pair of these. These are even pre-washed so you'll be off to a great start to giving these the beatdown.

Fullcount Ivy Cut Pique Pants - $198

Here's a pair that certainly piqued our interest (see what we did there) when we saw them earlier this year at Fullcount's exhibition. Fancy wordplay aside, we are big fans of the unique cotton pique fabric that these pants are composed of. Leaning relatively close to the feel of corduroy, pique fabrics are known to be both highly breathable and durable. Perfect for a pair of pants you want to rock for a long period of time.
Fullcount pay homage to an Americana classic, basing their Ivy Cut pants on their 1101 Middle Straight silhouette. Best paired with your favorite button down and a pair of loafers, why not throw these into the mix for your non-denim days?

Fullcount Wool CPO Shirt - $225

Wool CPO (Chief Petty Officer) shirts have been a wardrobe classic ever since the US Navy incorporated them into sailors' uniforms in the 1930s. Historically, sailors wore these as an outerwear piece over their bulky sweaters while out at sea.
By post WWII all Naval personnel (not just Officers) adopted these with the popularity of this fuzzy shirt eventually spilling out onto the streets, making its mark in American menswear fashion in the 1960s-70s.
Fullcount's cozy Wool CPO shirt takes inspiration from the dual-pocket versions of this garment, seen from the 1960s onwards. The warmth of this winter-ready fabric is matched beautifully with the equally warm brick red color.

Fullcount Covert Twill Selvedge Chambray Work Shirt - $195

If there's one thing that Fullcount do well (aside from denim of course!), it's a damn fine Chambray Shirt. With over two decades of honing in on the construction and silhouette with a multitude of fabrics, this latest iteration is worthy of praise.
Let's break down what a Covert Twill fabric entails. Often nicknamed "Salt and Pepper" fabric, this highly sought-after weave is achieved by tightly twisting cotton yarns resulting in the unique aesthetic. Known for being thoroughly durable, this utilitarian piece by the Osaka OG's features triple chainstitching construction, a tonal resin button opening and a subtle touch of Selvedge featured in the side gussets.

Fullcount "My First Jeans" - $165

What better way to get your little one kitted out with their first selvedge pair than Fullcount's mini-me 0105 Jeans! 
Featuring their classic 13.7oz. Zimbabwe cotton denim, the jeans have gone through a thorough wash process to ensure a comfortable fit from the get-go. The adjustable inner waistband ensures that as your Denimhead-in-the-making can achieve some killer fades as they get bigger by the day.

The Fullcount F/W 2021 collection drops on 9/28 @ Midnight (JST)