The Japan Blue Group F/W 2021 Collection | Drop 1


This week we welcome the first set of arrivals coming in from the Japan Blue Group camp. With a heavy focus on their stellar range of tops this season, this first drop encompasses the Indigo-enriched DNA of both Japan Blue and Momotaro. There's absolutely no short of solid layering options for you to gear up for the frosty days to come. 

Japan Blue 13.5oz Blanket Lined Type II Selvedge Jacket - $298

Kicking things off with Japan Blue's first venture into blanket lined outerwear, the brand have harmoniously combined their classic 13.7oz. Côte d'lvoire Selvedge Jacket with a simply stunning Native American pattern blanket lining. 
The JB crew have gone out of their way to make this jacket as winter-ready as possible, fully lining the body and arms, hand warmer pockets, collar & chest pocket flaps with this fuzzy fabric.
Still looking for more neat details? Here's one for ya, our favorite Selvedge ID to date. Representing the close relationship between JB and the cotton industry in Côte d'lvoire, the Red color of Japan's Hinomaru and the orange, white and green of Côte d'lvoire's tricolor flags are used for the dual Selvedge ID construction of the jacket. 

Japan Blue Indigo Dot Jacquard Shirt - $195

Japan Blue and Jacquard, the gift that keeps on giving. Season upon season, the JB crew continue to up the ante of this unique weave, and just when we thought we've seen it all they come through with their latest Indigo Dot Shirt.
The random arrangement of dots featured throughout the fabric gives a dazzling aesthetic which is further accentuated by the 3D-like Jacquard weave. Roll up those sleeves and you have the perfect offset of color with the dots taking on that beautiful deep hue of indigo.

Japan Blue Indigo Sashiko Haori - $220

It is impossible to deny the beauty hidden in the simplicity of a Haori jacket and it's one of those pieces that everyone may not have, but definitely one to try out.
Japan Blue have executed the look, fabric texture and hue of Indigo superbly, with an added hint of functionality with the addition of hand warmer pockets.
Constructed under a traditional lens, the lightweight Sashiko fabric makes this a perfect layering piece if you're experimenting with Japanese aesthetics. That being said, you can always throw this on top of a cozy sweatshirt if you're keeping things chill at home.

Momotaro Black GTB French Work Jacket - $230

France meets Japan with this cross-cultural outerwear piece, constructed with details that we have come to love from the Peach Boys.
While their are many adaptations of the French work jacket motif, Momotaro have kept things classic and faithfully reproduced the collar, cuffs, pocket arrangement and overall silhouette of this garment.
Offsetting that stealthy 12oz. Sulfur dyed black fabric are the eponymous GTB (Going to Battle) painted lines, representing Japan.

Momotaro Indigo Sashiko Shirt - $220

"Is it a diamond pattern? Is it a circle pattern?!" Look, we're not trying to revive internet arguments of days gone by (that dress was definitely blue by the way), but let's at least come to an agreement that Momotaro have nailed both fabric and color with their latest Sashiko foray.
Featuring a beefy yet supremely comfortable Sashiko fabric, the eye-catching patterns pair beautifully with the soothing hue of Indigo featured in this shirt. 

Momotaro Pink Oxford Shirt - $155

Versatile as heck, everyone should have a selection of OCBD's (Oxford Cloth Button Down) in their closet.
Keeping the details clean, why not refresh your shirting color pallet with a dash of pink?
Neither too loud or subtle, Momotaro have nailed the pink shade featured in their latest Oxford Shirt for you to rock with confidence in both a business and casual setting.

The new items drop on 9/23 @ Midnight (JST)