The latest arrivals from Loop & Weft and Master-piece

Paying homage to an iconic garment that has solidified its place in athletic & urban street culture, the Champion Reverse weave sweatshirt has been revered in Japan for decades as the pinnacle of Americana, treated similar to the Levi’s 1947 501xx in terms of cultural relevance. Originally developed by Champion back in 1938, athletic coaches were looking for ways to commercially launder large quantities of sports garments without having to deal with the stress of shrinkage & degeneration over time. Champion developed this Reverse Weave in response, a vertically knit fabric that when sewn into a garment would minimize shrinkage and maximize durability.

This specific kind of woven composition is referred to in Japanese as 鬼裏毛 (Oniurake, or devil’s weave), because of the fatter yarn used to construct the weave.

Armed with a Union Special 4-needle Flat Seamer machine to command the construction of this vintage inspired piece, the most interesting and difficult to produce construction detail of this garment is the omission of any shoulder seam. Essentially what this means is the front and back panels of this garment are a single piece of fabric. In order to create an opening for the neck with a ribbed collar, the sewer or seamstress must cut the hole on each of these front/back panels and attach the ribbed collar to complete the neck construction.

Sharing the same ribbed knit details on the collar, cuffs, side panels & torso hem, the sweatshirt also features a V-neck panel. This detail was originally added as a feature on sweatshirts in order to give good structure to the collar while minimizing the stretch of garments when worn in athletic settings, as constant activity often caused the collar to lose shape over time when worn by sportsmen. 

Loop & Weft "Devil Weave" Crewneck Sweatshirts


Master-piece gives us butterflies with their latest stunning collection in collaboration with Rajabrooke.

Rajah Brooke is the Malaysian national butterfly that is revered by insect collectors around the world for its vibrant colors and pattern. Having spent his childhood on the Southeast Asian island, Ushida Yusuke created a brand, using the butterfly's name to create unique designs and pieces. Since its inception, Rajabrooke has continued to grow, metamorphosing into the brand it is today.

Master-piece brings the unmatched quality, attention to detail, and functionality that we have come to expect from the Tokyo-based brand. Famous for their bags in particular, the backpack was in the forefront of their minds when designing the pocket tees, which features a ventilated back construction to alleviate the stuffiness felt when carrying a backpack for long periods of time. The "Coolmax" mesh lining excels in moisture absorption and is quick to dry, combining perfectly with the relaxed aesthetic of the garment to reduce overall skin contact. The shoulder seams are also constructed in a way that reduces wear and tear when wearing a bag. Finished off with a vibrant Rajabrooke printed pattern around the chest pocket, Master-piece and Rajabrooke have combined perfectly to create a functional, yet visually appealing banger.

The bandana-like sling bag is like nothing we have seen before. Like a tropical butterfly, The bag flaunts its colors with a bold Rajabrooke "Batik" pattern. And it wouldn’t be Master-piece without the functional aspect so this bag comes fitted with a water repellent coating applied to the surface of the ox -woven fabric, waterproof leather, and reflective detailing for night time safety.

The tee comes in Charcoal and Brown base colors and the Sling Bag in Green and White, respectively. Releasing on 11/2, cop them before they migrate for the winter!

Master-piece x Rajabrooke Sling Bags

Master-piece x Rajabrooke L/S Pocket Tees


The new items drop on 11/2@ Midnight (JST)