The latest arrivals from Pure Blue Japan and Chup

Rewinding back time to 2019, the Slub Masters' "SLB" fabric is the story of a Phoenix rising from the ashes. PBJ's OG XX-18oz. Selvedge Denim from 2016 was one of the most textured and slub-rich fabrics to hit the floor here at OD. Regrettably, a catastrophic typhoon in 2018 affected Okayama enormously, with many factories bearing the brunt of the flooding that occurred. Many vintage machines were unfortunately lost forever, meaning that the production capability for many of these special fabrics was washed away with the typhoon. Heading back to the drawing board, PBJ sought to faithfully recreate the heavyweight and slubby fabric that Denimheads around the world have come to love. The SLB series which first launched in 2019, retains many of these elements, thanks to the unique yarn composition, while at a slightly lower 16.5oz. weight.

The PBJ SLB Selvedge Jeans - $290

Putting Slub on a pedestal, Pure Blue Japan's proprietary 16.5oz. SLB Selvedge fabric hones in on their DNA for creating tremendously textured Denim. Dialing in on all characteristics of PBJ's loosely woven fabrics, the heavier oz. weight is surprisingly forgiving especially after a soak - making it a perfect canvas for high contrast fades over time.
New for 2022, the SLB-003 Regular Straight model is by far the most relaxed silhouette in PBJ's lineup. Combining a lengthy set of rises with a wider cut leg, there is ample length in the inseam for you to flex your preferred cuff of choice.
Available in Slim Tapered, Relaxed Tapered and Regular Straight
Sizing - Raw (Slim Tapered)
Sizing - One Wash (Slim Tapered)
Sizing - Raw (Relaxed Tapered)
Sizing - One Wash (Relaxed Tapered)
Sizing - One Wash (Regular Straight)
  • Latarnia
    Chup Socks "Latarnia"
  • Spiller
    Chup Socks "Spiller"
  • Ledas
    Chup Socks "Ledas"
  • Lampo
    Chup Socks "Lampo"

The Chup S/S 2022 collection

Dropping just as the mercury has begun to rise here in Japan, a plethora of new styles by Chup have landed through the doors. Included in this season's collection are fresh patterns and colorways along with a mix of long, middle and ankle styles.

The PBJ SLB Selvedge Jeans restock on 4/19 @ Midnight (JST)

The Chup S/S Collection drops on 4/20 @ Midnight (JST)