The latest arrivals from Pure Blue Japan


Pure Blue Japan are back with an updated rendition of their popular "Blue Gray" Selvedge fabric, this time clocking in at lightweight 12oz. denim - ideal as an all-season pair. The last year has seen PBJ throwing curveballs, from more conventional threads to more experimental denim series, which have provided a vibrant and refreshing uplift in contrast to their flagship models. Along with the 12oz-BG Series, this week sees the addition of the Slim Tapered and Slim Straight to the 12oz. "Greencast Indigo" series, along with the Slim Tapered Broken Twill Indigo Selvedge Jeans.

The PBJ "Blue Gray" Selvedge Denim

If this unique hue sparks a bit of nostalgia , well there's good reason for that! PBJ's original inspiration for these is the lighter color denim jeans that were popular during the 1970s. The process behind creating this unique hue involves rope dyeing the warp yarns in indigo first before going through another cycle, this time being dyed in gray. The weft yarns remain undyed to keep the fabric color lighter in hue.
We will only be stocking the one wash version of this denim, but for good measure. The texture and nep are kicked into overdrive, as a result of the wash process. The combination of texture yielding from PBJ’s inherent DNA, combined with the all-season wearability of the lighter weight fabric, will help expedite some killer fades.

The Slim Tapered Cut

PBJ's Slim Tapered -013 cut is aesthetically one of the most eye-pleasing silhouettes, period. Thanks to PBJ's keen eye on client feedback, the cut has seen numerous updates over the years to ensure that the silhouette doesn't cross the border into the "Skinny" realm.
For those of you with thunder thighs and glutes though, you might want to re-direct your eyes a little further down the page and check out the Slim Straight and Relaxed Tapered cuts. Trust us when we say the rises are low, there won't be much wiggle room if you are used to a spacious top block.

The Slim Straight Cut

If you were clenching your calves up until this point - you can relax them now.
PBJ's Slim Straight -005 cut is a modern take on the classic straight leg jean. Without sacrificing that wider leg opening (boot wearers rejoice), the Slub Masters have maintained that all-important comfort factor while keeping the aesthetic clean.

The Relaxed Tapered Cut

We like to call this PBJ's "Best of both worlds" cut.
While don't need to be a weightlifter or a keirin cyclist to appreciate this silhouette, if you do have larger thighs or just fancy extra room in the top block while you're on the move, the -019 has your name on it.
The beauty of this cut is the taper is absolutely still part of the equation and the resulting aesthetic is well and truly clean and modern. 

Also new this week...

The 12oz. "Greencast Indigo" Selvedge Jeans

In order to achieve the hue that the jeans exhibit, the classic indigo warp is mixed with a green sulphur dye, resulting in the unique color of the Greencast Indigo Selvedge fabric. The undyed weft in combination with PBJ's low-tension denim, should result in fades that take on a tint of green.
Already available in the Relaxed Tapered cut, this week sees the Slim Tapered and Slim Straight variants joining the ranks.

The 13oz. Broken Twill Selvedge Jeans

A totally fresh development for this year, PBJ have worked from the ground up their 13oz. Broken Twill Selvedge Series. Following up from the initial release of the Black Indigo x Gray version of the same weave, the latest Indigo x Gray models join the ranks of their Broken Twill brethren.
Already available in the Relaxed Tapered and Regular Straight cuts, the new Slim Tapered variant rounds off this Broken Twill Selvedge Series.

The new Pure Blue Japan Selvedge Jeans drop on 9/13 @ Midnight (JST)