The latest arrivals from Samurai, Momotaro and Japan Blue

While Winter's cold embrace still lurks over us here in Japan, it's not all doom-and-gloom as some fresh heat from Okayama completes the 650km journey to our shelves in Tokyo.

Just like clockwork, Samurai's seasonal work shirt lands in the form of a 10oz. Selvedge Denim that packs in Nep for days. Taking the same 10-ban warp yarns from Samurai's "Zero" Denim, the spinning process ensures both a rigid yet textured hand feel of the fabric. Drawing inspiration from Samurai's "Homemade Cotton" fields based in Hyogo, the Selvedge ID has been dyed an earthy brown tone as a welcome departure from their usual lamé-infused IDs.

Following closely behind come Momotaro's new additions to their latest "Hinoki" dyed collection.

Hinoki dyeing is a traditional Japanese method of dyeing fabrics using the leaves and branches of the Hinoki cypress tree. The Hinoki tree is a type of evergreen conifer that is native to Japan, and has been used in traditional Japanese architecture, furniture, and other crafts for centuries. The dye produced from the Hinoki is a yellow-green color that is said to be similar to the color of Hinoki wood. The process of Hinoki dyeing involves boiling the leaves and branches of the Hinoki tree in water to extract the dye, and then immersing the fabric in the dye bath. The resulting fabric has a unique, natural color and a soft, subtle texture.

Blending these quintessentially Japanese dyes with traditionally-inspired garments is where Momotaro shine and this season is no exception. Digging into their fabric arsenal, the brand bring back their stellar GTB Sashiko in the form of a work jacket which has been dyed to that perfect hue of beige. Celebrating turn of the century workwear, Momotaro's Hinoki Dyed Hickory Work Shirt draws inspiration from garments worn by railroad workers in the 1930s. Featuring rope-dyed Indigo stripes, expect an interesting and unique fading profile as you rock this piece.

A blend of equal parts utility and flare, Japan Blue's TC Twill work pants would be a hard one to turn down for the wardrobe. Composed of Cotton and Tetoron (Hence "TC"), this wrinkle-resistant fabric which has been cut in JB's roomy Regular Straight cut features utilitarian elements such as the oversized belt loops and key holder loop featured on the waistband of the pants.

Samurai SJWS-SC01 10oz. Selvedge Denim Work Shirt

Momotaro Hinoki Dyed GTB Sashiko Jacket

Momotaro Hinoki Dyed Work Shirt

Japan Blue TC Twill Work Pants

The new items drop on 2/17 @ Midnight (JST)