The latest arrivals from SDA and Master-piece

While SDA may not be the first to venture beyond Indigo dyeing their garments, they certainly have a knack for piecing together unique pieces that come dripping in naturally-dyed fabrics. For S/S 2022, SDA are back with their latest "Amami Dorozome" series featuring beautiful deep earthy tones, only achievable thanks to the handful of Shokunin (or artisans) that continue to employ the tedious dyeing process of Dorozome (mud dyeing in Japanese). Dropping in tandem on the 17th is SDA's take on classic OG-107 Baker Pants, perfect for those looking for a breezy bottoms option as we enter warmer days. Keep your eyes peeled for the 16th as well, when Master-piece's "Confi" Nylon Shoulder Bag in Black will be hitting the site.

Studio D'Artisan "Amami Dorozome" Tie-Dye Tees - $125

The art of Dorozome seeps deep into the history of the island of Amami-Oshima, a collection of islands north of Okinawa. Historically, the natural dye (derived from Sharimbai, or wood chips from the Japanese Hawthorne tree), was used to color natural silk, to be used in the production of Kimono.
Blending the function of natural dyes, artisanal craftsmanship and traditional Japanese dyeing methods, the Shokunin of Amami-Oshima, have gone above and beyond in the tie-dyeing of each tee. The process involves two steps, with the garments first being soaked in a bath where the natural dye is extracted from boiled wood chips. The signature rusty brown colors are the result of a chemical reaction that occurs when the garments are soaked in iron-rich mud, by extracting and infusing the mud into the fabric.
Recounting the history of the island, in 1609 Amani-Oshima was invaded and controlled by Samurai, who ordained the expulsion of wearing any silk garb by a commoner. This ordinance actually helped develop the industry of Dorozome on the island, as there was a surge in demand for silk kimono clothing discreetly dyed using the Dorozome method to conceal the fact that the garment is silk.
Available in two different tie-dyed patterns - the "Sun" version is evocative of rays of sunlight permeating through the clouds, while the "Wave" version pays homage to the sleepy shorelines of Amami-Oshima.
  • *Model is pictured wearing a size 30. He weighs 59kg (130 pounds) and is 178cm (5’11”) tall.

Studio D'Artisan Baker Pants - $195

SDA's no-nonsense approach to a military uniform staple has yielded a very faithful recreation of the OG-107 pants worn by US servicemen from 1952 onwards.
Created as part of a major uniform overhaul after WWII, the very simple design of the pants was to put versatility on a pedestal. Whether being worn on base or out in the field, the breezy fabric and relaxed cut proved to be a hit amongst servicemen during the US military's time in Korea and Vietnam.
Opting for a Navy-dyed cotton fabric base, the lightweight material pairs perfectly with SDA's regular straight silhouette.

Master-piece "Confi" Nylon Shoulder Bag - $195

With their prowess for sourcing the highest quality materials, Master-piece have conjured up an updated version of the "Confi" shoulder bag series for 2022. The High-density Satin Twill fabric used for the body not only has a beautiful luster, but is water-resistant due to the 0.15mm P.V.C coating process. The leather used for this bag is Italian smooth leather produced by Milan-based tanners Monfrini Pellami S.R.L., who have a history of producing fine leather for over 100 years.
The combination of these premium fabrics coupled with a modern heavy-duty Cobra buckle creates a luxurious aesthetic perfect for both smart and casual wear.
Also available in Beige

The new Studio D'Artisan items drop on 3/17 @ Midnight (JST)

The Master-piece "Confi" Black Nylon Shoulder Bag drops on 3/16 @ Midnight (JST)